Board Minutes (June 2017)

Board Meeting

City Leadership


A meeting of the Board for Believe Memphis Academy was held on July 6, 2017 at the offices of City Leadership.

The Proposed Head of School, Danny Song, and the following members of the Board were present:

  • Elana Cole
  • Kacy Coble
  • Thomas Marino
  • Jacqueline Rowe
  • Lisa Settle
  • Luke Pruett

The following Board members were not present:

  • Al Bright
  • Greg Spillyards


Head of School’s Report:

HOS Song announced that the School’s 501c3 has been approved and the School now has an active bank account.

HOS Song explained that the School’s original charter application was denied with only minimal feedback and criticism. The charter application review l committee is asking the School to elaborate on the waivers requested before resubmission of the application.

The Board members present reviewed and discussed the waiver section of the original application and the review committee’s recommendation summary.

HOS Song also presented the Board members with printed copies of: (1) the proposed job descriptions for the founding Director of Operations and Director of Community Engagement; (2) the proposed employee manual; (3) the proposed Board policies; and (4) the budget.  All of these documents were provided to Board members for review in advance of the Board meeting.



Board Chair Settle moved for a vote to approve the budget submitted by HOS Song.

  • Elana Cole Aye
  • Kacy Coble Aye
  • Thomas Marino Absent
  • Jacqueline Rowe Aye
  • Lisa Settle Aye
  • Luke Pruett Aye
  • Al Bright Absent
  • Greg Spillyards Absent

With five (5) aye votes, the motion to approve the budget passes.


Task Forces:

The Board organized two new task forces.

  • Structure/Policy Review Task Force – Board Chair Settle and Board Members Cole and Coble
  • Capacity Review – Governance Review Task Force – Board Members Rowe and Pruett



The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Danny Song