Believe Memphis Academy

is a grades 4 through 8 public, tuition-free, college-prep charter school opening in August of 2018. We will open with grades 4 and 5.


Our Mission:

Believe Memphis Academy will prepare scholars in grades 4 through 8 with the academic rigor, robust supports, and leadership development necessary to excel in high school, thrive in college, and lead lives full of opportunity.


Our Vision:

Too often in Memphis and across our nation, students’ demographics determine their destiny.
Within Memphis, communities with high percentages of students of color and families who are socio-economically disadvantaged have consistently had the lowest student achievement performance in the city. We believe that the children in Memphis, regardless of background, can measurably demonstrate that demographics do not determine achievement or destiny when they are afforded a high-quality public school option designed on research- and practice-proven elements, and led by a high capacity, mission-driven team.


Our Beliefs:

  • We believe all children deserve an excellent education.

  • We believe all families deserve a voice in their children’s education

  • We believe Memphis has the students and teachers who can change the world.


Our Model:

  • Great teaching - We commit to develop and train our teachers, so they can deliver excellent instruction for our scholars.

  • Leadership Development - We prepare our students with the leadership skills and mindsets to be leaders in their communities, schools, and careers.

  • Supports for All Students -

We provide an extended school day with:

  • 210 minutes of reading

  • 110 minutes of math

  • 190 minutes of individualized tutoring