My Dream Job

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I have my dream job. When I tell people we moved back to Memphis to start a new school, most probably don’t know that I have been dreaming of this role and this school for many years. As the founding 7th grade social studies teacher at a local charter school in 2011, I learned two truths: 1. Relationships are the key to lasting change, and 2. Lasting change is only possible when families and schools work closely together.

I first met Nicole (name changed to preserve privacy) as a reserved and bright young scholar. She had just transferred to the school that year as a 7th grader, the same year I started my career there. 

Every morning, I would see Nicole and her grandmother round the corner from the city bus stop, where the two had taken two busses, close to an hour, for Nicole to attend a school they believed would challenge and support her. I would greet them both with a smile, and then watch her grandmother rush to catch another bus to go home. She worked night shifts, so would go home to pick up Nicole in the morning, bring her to school, then ride two more busses home to rest before picking her up again in the afternoon.

Last spring, Nicole graduated in the top 5% of a 500+ graduating class at a top U.S. News and World Report ranked high school and will be attending Texas A&M in the Fall. Nicole and her family represent the thousands of families in the city of Memphis who would do whatever it takes to ensure their children are successful.

As Dean of Family Advocacy, my role will involve the recruitment and retention of families by ensuring that families are heard and valued at our school.

My biggest dream for Believe Memphis Academy is to create an atmosphere in which all families feel informed, equipped and supported to thrive at our school. All parents deserve a voice in their child’s education. As a mother of three, I know parents will be our most important partners and greatest advocates in our work to educate students. I am committed to help create systems of support that will ensure we are honor families’ role in our school. I believe Memphis.


Danny Song