Shonice Boyd - Why I Believe Memphis Academy


My name is Shonice Boyd and I have been in education a total of five years. I am a graduate of the great Bethune-Cookman University, holding a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. Following graduation, I was accepted to join Teach for America, where I served students in the Mississippi Delta region. This was one of the most life changing and exciting experiences for me. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I was not accustomed to rural communities or education. My students in Mississippi, opened my eyes to my personal educational privilege, inspiring me to fully place public education in my heart.

As a goal driven individual , I was eager to impact and directly make a difference in people’s lives. Thus leading me to further my journey fighting for educational equality. I decided to become a lifetime  resource serving parents, students, and communities similar to mine.  Memphis is a city of GRIT , a city ready for, and about change, and that’s why I love it here.

During my first year in the mid-south,  I served as a founding lead teacher at a public charter school in the heart of South Memphis. Though Memphis was extremely different than rural Mississippi, I believe the work is all the same. There are still communities that do not have access to quality education. There are still communities consumed by poverty. There are still students with great potential who need  just need a little more motivation. All of these reasons and more, are why “ I believe Memphis Academy”.

Believe Memphis Academy is a place where I know we will work together to fight for educational change and equality. I believe together, we can and will build up communities through literacy and math. I believe we can inspire students daily to meet and exceed any educational and or personal goal. I believe we can inspire parents to actively fight for quality education in their community by our sides. I Believe Memphis Academy, is just what Memphis needs.


Mrs. Boyd is a Teach For America - Delta alumnus, and she is joining Believe as the founding Operations Coordinator. In her role, she will bridge families with the school and also support teachers by ensuring teachers have all the necessary materials to be successful. As a former teacher herself, Mrs. Boyd is acutely aware of the demands of teaching, and she brings a passion and urgency to achieve the Mission of Believe.

Danny Song