Brandon Shane - Why I Believe Memphis Academy


Growing up I knew exactly what I wanted to be: I wanted to go to the NBA.  Clearly, that didn’t happen. Still, the support from my teachers and coaches along the way encouraged me to go after my dreams, and because of them I’ve always enjoyed giving my time to the youth. My initial thought when I came to Memphis to attend Christian Brothers University was to major in education and become a basketball coach and a teacher. Once my sophomore year hit I made a decision to major in Finance because I knew I could make more money.  I tried to choose money over my passion, and I was miserable after college. I often talked to my mom about my unhappiness. Each and every time she would say “you are suppose to be a teacher.”  Friends would say the same thing. 

During college I started working at the Boys and Girls Club during the summers. The impact the other staff and I were having on the kids was the most amazing feeling. I saw how they needed us and wanted to be around us. I quickly learned that a lot of the kids were struggling academically and behaviorally so I wanted to be a difference in their lives.  In spite of the demanding schedule of a college athlete, I would make trips to the Boys and Girls Club whenever I found time, because I thought the kids needed me. Little did I know these kids were molding me while I was trying to positively affect their lives. 

There is so much potential and promise here in Memphis. The youth are some of the most talented group of people I have ever seen. I have met kids that dream of being doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, professional athletes, etc. and there is no doubt in my mind that the students in Memphis can achieve their dreams. Adults, parents, and educators need to push the youth and provide them with the tools to make these dreams come true. 

Believe Memphis Academy has a mission to equip students with the leadership capabilities to live their lives to the fullest. Students deserve a quality education and Believe Memphis Academy will make that happen. I have faith in the founders of Believe Memphis. There is a combination of experience, strong leadership, passion, love and desire that I believe will make Believe Memphis a special place. I am ready to put our vision to work. Let’s start changing lives and giving our youth our best so they can be their best. 


Brandon Shane is the Founding Enrichment Teacher of Believe Memphis Academy. Mr. Shane spent the last two years working as a math intervention teacher and athletics coach at a local middle school. He holds his Bachelor's in Business Administration - Finance and is currently working to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. 

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